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“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.” ~ Albert Einstein

Nate’s Place by Michael S. Clarke, included in this excellent anthology
What to do when you and your company have to get out of Dodge, or off Earth? Go to Mars.
Now that STORM is able to focus the aliens trying to enslave humanity, Sentient Rhonda is sent on a mission to detect their return to our universe.


Escape to Mars

Author’s Ramblings

MetaSentient Expanded Edition

When technology reaches a singularity, becoming more capable than humans, what will it do?One chance to survive remains, join it…The Ascension project raises people’s minds to the power of artificial intelligence. Carlos and Rhonda created it to save all humankind, but now Government AI wants human slaves for its own system and will stop atContinue reading “MetaSentient Expanded Edition”

Series renamed to Chronicles of the Eradicator

A poem that came to me in the middle of a dream inspired me to change the series name from Ascension to Chronicles of the Eradicator. Eradicator written by Michael S. Clarke Dragon Sun, black eyes ringed in ruby fireDead now, holychrome harvestedto power torch shipsLast of its kind, devouring spacetime no more,wormholes dissolve andContinue reading “Series renamed to Chronicles of the Eradicator”

Nate’s Place Published

One of my short stories has been published in “2021 SciFi Anthology”. Nate’s Place, set on the post apocalyptic North-East Coast of North America, and seen through the eyes of Nate, a nano researcher, escaping from the realities of turning his family into pink goo, explores humanity’s place among living technologies. There are lots ofContinue reading “Nate’s Place Published”

Michael S. Clarke

After a 20 year career in computers and information management, I have a story to tell and you may not like it. It may create some marketing and branding issues for me, but I will have to muddle through it. First, I feel compelled to talk about the background of the series and assumptions. SomeContinue reading “Michael S. Clarke”

Ascend Basics

Background In 2015 this impossible storyline about how we can cope with artificial intelligence when it overtakes our capabilities, started to build in my mind. The dreams and revelations didn’t stop. The story fleshing itself out, adding scenarios and possibilities, I wrote them down every morning. Before long the story was too long and complexContinue reading “Ascend Basics”

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